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What students think about “Internship Abroad” Ltd


Hello everyone!  I’m Nino Susareishvili,  fresh graduate from master degree course in Communication and Creative industries.

To take part into “Internship Abroad” program  was truly big challenge for me.  After I got invitation to be trainee in Spain , Canary island – Lanzarote,  as Public Relationship Specialist I decided to take my last chance , since my student status was expiring soon and I applied for grant.  The process of selection went smoothly and without any brakes.

Right now ,  I´m  in my second month of the internship , in five star hotel  as public relationship specialist.   I like how interns are treated  like full-time associates and get assigned actual and meaningful tasks which are essential and useful  to the communication field  . Solid responsibilities are handed to interns from Day first. Cooperating with public relationship manager we  plan and develop PR strategies,  maintain daily communication with clients,  review feedbacks and comments in social media and websites , manage an  organization’s   reputation with public and guests.   This is something that I am thankful for as I got to add real value to my team and to experience as much as possible.  It feels great to be a part of the actual marketing  and public relation team!

I would urge everyone,  no matter you are actual student or already graduate, participate in  ¨Internship Abroad”.    It’s  an extraordinary opportunity to know  how much you can,  turn your theoretical knowledge into the practical one and grow professionally.