Step by Step

Internship Abroad has fixed procedures.  To ensure that everything is clear and the desired result is achieved, we make use of a step-by-step plan. The process is divided into four different steps.


Step 1: application

The first step to find an internship through Abroad Internships is to apply to us. This is without any obligation, you’re not committed to anything.

Once you’re ready to embark on your adventure abroad, take the first steps of your journey, click here. Fill in the required fields on the form and once you’re finished, just click “Send”. At this moment, you still have not made any commitments yet.

Once you’ve finished filling out all the components us your resume to . Do note:

  • Put your résumé and letter of motivation in one document
  • Fill out everything in English
  • Save the document as follows: “First name, Last name-Profile” in Word
  • Send an email to

We will get in touch and follow up with you about how to continue the rest of the registration process.

We will also look at the information and make small adjustments, where needed. If any changes are made, we will get in direct contact with you to make sure that everything is acceptable. Once the process has been completed, you’ll receive a confirmation via email and be appointed your personal consultant who will help you with the rest of the process. Your personal consultant will contact you by email to arrange a telephone or Skype call to further discuss the details with you and answer your questions.

Step 2: deposit

Because a lot of time and energy is put into finding an internship abroad, Abroad Internships asks for a deposit. How this works can be read below.

The deposit is a form of collateral and is proof that you’re ready to be matched to your internship. With the official confirmation, we will send you your invoice, including deposit. The deposit is 70 Euros, which must be paid before we start the procedure. After we receive your deposit, we will e-mail you to confirm that you have paid and we will officially begin the search. In the unlikely event that no placement is found within the given deadline, you will receive your deposit 100% back.

Upon confirmation of the deposit, you will be assigned a consultant.

The assigned consultant will contact you by e-mail to plan a contact moment. This can be via Skype or via the telephone. During the conversation with your consultant, you can discuss your internship preferences.

Deposit refunded 

  1. When the company rejects the student and this can not be blamed on the student.
  2. When no internship is found within the agreed on a deadline

Deposit not refunded

  1. When the student rejects the internship This while company does agree, with the exception of school approval.
  2. If the student ceases the procedure before the expiration of the deadline without a valid reason

Step 3: Review internship offer

The next step is to find an internship that suits your profile.

After we receive all of your information, we will begin searching the possibilities for you within in your fields of interest, within a given deadline. It’s important you’re honest about your needs and wishes: be clear in telling us what you want! Your personal consultant will be there to organize a placement in your desired location. The communications will be done in English or Spanish.

Once your consultant has found a company, they will contact you via email explaining you more about the company and providing you with a summary of the internship in case that is available. Often companies would like to discuss the tasks directly with the student in the interview. At this point, we will ask that you discuss the potential internship with your school.

When you’re given a positive response, your personal consultant will schedule a telephone or Skype interview between you and the company.

Once the above details have been arranged, keep the following in mind:

  •  The company usually expects the student to call
  •  If you’re located in a different time zone, make sure you call at the right time
  •  Should there be any problems with you not being able to call, please let us know as soon as possible, so that we can reschedule the meeting with the company.

Our experience has shown us that every interview is different.

This partly has to do with the country, city, culture, and industry the company is based in. To better prepare yourself for the interview, here are a few basic tips to keep in mind, when you prepare for the interview:

  • Visit the company website and try to get a good grasp of exactly what they do
  • Go through your résumé and try to adjust the ‘Experience’ section to fit their profile
  • Try your best to actively think of what you expect of them, and vice-versa
  • The company would probably like to know why you’ve chosen them for your internship
  • If they’re concerned about your arrangements (finances, visa, accommodation, etc), you can let them know that we are assisting you with those aspects of your journey
  • Think of a few things you’d like to know about your potential internship. Ask questions. This is a good way to show that you’re genuinely interested and you’ll receive information that’ll come in handy on the first day of your internship.

After your interview, you can get back in touch with your personal consultant to give them your assessment of the conversation. Once this has been done, they will be in touch with the company to discuss the outcome. When the company and student both agree on the internship and related matters, your personal consultant will help you to get a final approval from your school if necessary.

If the student or company decides not to go through with the internship opportunity, then your personal consultant will continue the search for your next potential internship. Please keep in mind that it is not possible to continue looking for another internship once you have agreed to become an intern at a company.

Step 4: Secure a position

Once the right internship has been found for you, the final paperwork for your school will be approved and you’ll receive an invoice. That will be the rate that is specified on the website, minus the deposit.

After you’ve submitted the payment, you will receive a signed internship contract.

Finally, the remaining communication is focused on preparing you for your internship abroad.

This could include details about your visa process, accommodation, insurances etc. Do note that your personal consultant will be there for you, should you have any questions about any related topics. Keep in mind that there might be certain cases where you’ll need to take your own responsibility! You’ll find these on our checklist. But: if you need us, don’t hesitate to call.

Internship Abroad is looking forward to getting you on that awesome adventure abroad! This is why we ask every student to keep us updated about your experience with Internships Abroad. Only with your feedback we can continue with our service and optimize the experience. We truly appreciate your feedback, both during the procedure as throughout your internship and afterward.

You will get all the necessary information on how to reach your Hotel. After arrival, you will have time to relax (2-3 days) and then you will begin your internship abroad.


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