Georgia is renowned worldwide for its warm hospitality. It is the soul of the Jewel of the Caucasus. As a native Georgian I am committed to investing this service culture and seeing it make an international impact. I’ve studied and worked in Argentina and Spain for the last few years and have come to realize how travel can enrich one’s life. My experiences were life-changing and I want to be part of changing the lives of others in return. This is how Internships Abroad was born; an agency dedicated to offering Georgian (and international) youth opportunities that will inspire excellence. It is my sincere hope that our interns will return to Georgia motivated to take the hospitality industry to new heights, making Georgians proud and the world welcome.

Lika Dumbadze

Founder & CEO, Internships Abroad Ltd




Established in 2017, Internships Abroad Ltd. is the first Georgian organization dedicated solely to providing quality paid internships in multicultural international cities. We create win-win links between students, universities and hotels by offering 3-6 month paid hospitality internships in the heart of Spain. We specialize in placing undergraduate and postgraduate students in world-class resorts and hotels in some of Spain’s most diverse, exciting cities. The majority of opportunities are in Gastronomy, Administration and Management, however our internships are open to students of all degrees.
Our agency goes the extra mile in the recruitment process. Utilizing face-to-face and inbound marketing we scout for the best candidates at universities, trade shows and employment fairs.
This out-of-the-box thinking gives us an edge over our competitors. We aim to expand our reach from Spain to Greece and the UAE, and beyond. We collaborate closely with a number of Georgian universities and colleges and provide comprehensive support to prospective students in preparing them for life-changing internships.



To expand our service to other European and Middle Eastern countries and contribute to the hospitality industry in Georgia and the world.

To create transformative internships for young professionals that will advance their careers in the hospitality industry.